Yahoo! Site fothe Day Award

World Wide Web Awards "Silver" Award

Named Top 10 Design by cacom

Golden Web Award winner

Top of Crazy Webdesign Award

more awards...

design collaborations and published artwork .

Beatdom Magazine 2 page spread + +

Sidedown Monograph
| Wonders

Evolve to Advance Poster

Kanek Garbo Tshirt designs

Woof Magazine 4pgs of art in issue 7

4 of spades
playing card design collab

HEY! Magazine v2 issue2 "Hey Junction"

Collaboration in progress with Dave Bollinger

Moly-X Portrait view

Moly-X Moleskine Exchange view

More stuff in the Shroomery

Artworks in Issue 1, CEllA's Round Trip

Collaboration with COS in progress view

Art Bitz
Stock Illustration Chaotic stock vector iconset / Kansas
Monograph #2
Graphics, Illustrations, and interview,
from Josh Wentz's Sidedown
. Buy view
Assorted drawings throught magazine +
+ + +
Being Abroad
Drawing/collage in traveling sketchbook +
Red Badge of Courage
Gallery exposition in the Newark Bldg
Oct 28 - Dec 9, 2006 view
Area of Design
Featured artist of the month
read interview
LIP Magazine
Various hand drawn illustrations throughout
the magazine / Issue 13, 14 view
Actionscript experimentation, 3d texture art, full case study, and inclusion of swf on the dvd reel for: Exploring Motion Graphics by Rebecca Gallagher & Andrea Moore Paldy
Nerve House
Various drawings spread through the entire
newspaper / Issue 4 view
Multiple submissions to the international
sticker project by MWM view
House of emo
Featured artist
The International Illustrated
Featured drawing included in issue 2 view
Gallery 744 - Juried Exhibition
Oct 19 - Nov 17, 2006 view
"Multiple Works" Exhibition in the Kislak Building
Oct 21 - 23, 2006 view
Sensorama (by Projektionsareal)
A cooperative and interdisciplinary exhibition
starting in Offenburg, Germany, tours through France, & Switzerland
Oct 13 - Jan 2007
ANTI Magazine (by Revlov crew)
Full page illustration in ISSUE 1:BORN
view artwork
Brooklyn Arts Council
Part of a show on Depicting Design, On view May - Sept at the BAC Gallery, Brooklyn NY 1 2
Evolve 2 Advance
Unititled (vector abstract) makes it into the
by 2006 E2A Apparel catalouge
& Flourish card
Ballistic Publishing
Silver Interlude design reqested by B
for inclusion in d'artiste - Concept Art
Strata 3D CX
Added to Strata Galleries:
POP design, Graphic Design, & Science Fiction Fantasy
Art Bitz Stock Illustration
Schema, Vol. I is the first of a 2 part series
of high-end stock vector icons created
with my buddy
Greg May
Feed me cool shit
Interviewed for featured profiles.
view interview
Xivzine Magazine
Featured interviews and assorted works spread across multiple issues. + multi pg Interview in issue 10, view interview
Suicide Girls
BODYREMIX by Strukt Visual Network,
view artwork
NLF Magazine (by Musa Collective)
Illustration & back cover of issue 8 and illustration for issue 9 for view artwork
A collection of 15 drawn works on display at Penn Station by the Newark Arts Council also "highlight of the 4th 'Open Doors' annual studio tour" Oct - Nov view exhibit
Hypokondriak Magazine
5 page design spread view artwork 2 3 4 5 6 7 (bio designed by Anagnos Sotos)
The Vaults of Erwoid
Addition to Artists Vault view artwork
FA.KE Magazine
5 full pg spreads and interview in Issue 1 view work 2 3, Issue 3 cover view artwork, Issue 4 index page view artwork
Top ten entery in 2005 poster design view design
Strukt Magazine
Feature 1/2 page design with Sailbot Buy view artwork 2 3
Design for Chunks
Air sickness bag design for Virgin Airlines  view artwork 2
Madonna Art
Design collab view design
Design collab desktop
Scene 360
Love project design view design
twohundred by200 Magazine
Full page spreads in the majority of released issues (up to date 17 issues) view magazine, captures 1 2 3 4 5
16Kai Published in textbook "Foreign front page design" Author: Zhang Qin. Press: Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House view
Sex Book Project
2 featured designs 1 2
Australian Infront, birth - a visual response project view design, earlier collaboration
Art Wanted
8 time member of the top 10 club view award. 2x Featured Image on artwanted site.
2ndsight Magazine
Flash splash page design view splash
Deconcept C3P
Click Three Points interactive showcase 3 featured actionscript front end designs
Tshirt design exhibition. view designs 2 3 4, Buy
Altsense Visual experiment view experiment
Compendium Designers Stylebook
Full pg illustrations in issues 1 & 2. (photo of mag) view artwork
3d realism winner and featured cover view artwork
Lussumo 08
Personal desktop design
Alien Flower Cover logo/visual view logo
Edge 02
Splash page design view splash
Mono 3k
Collaborative 3d view image
The Firm List
'Spotlights' interview view work, Splash pg view interview
Splash page design view splash
Semi Permanent Magazine
Original drawn artwork featured view art
Cover inset design view inset
Splash page design view splash