"When Illuminated Path and its artists needed branding and website work we came to Danny Glix. Danny did his usual magic and made our materials a success. We reccomend Danny heartily to everyone we come across"
Ramji Soma, CEO
Illuminated Path



email signature design.


What is an Email signature?

An email signature are a few lines of text (HTML code markup) that are automatically added to the end of every outgoing email by your mail program (for ex. Gmail, Thunderbird, AOL, Outlook Express, Hotmail, etc.).

Email signatures can normally be set up in your email program very easily. A few years ago most people had text based signatures, but with a few simple lines of code, floating on the bottom of your email can be one of these well designed email signatures! The digital JPEG is a new standard in email signatures

E Signatures are created using <img src=> so there is no attachment being sent, minimizing your chances of getting blacklisted. An email signature can be as simple as a few lines of code with a jpeg image email signature (examples) hosted on your webserver, to actual unicode ascii selectable text email signatures (examples) formatted for cross platform portability.

We take careful measures to ensure that you're correspondances are compliant with all anti-spam regulations and that the html code markup used in the creation of your e-signature is referencing an image (<img src>) hosted on outside servers, so that there is no attachment, therefore avoiding spamfilters.