.swf actionscript and vector design

Portfolio of Flash Animation & Actionscript

Flash Applications:
TVGuide TIM Demo
Hertz Furniture Rep Finder
Gateways Audio DVD

Flash Demos / Presentations:

SilkFair Dr. Stanley Miller
Your Focus Point Streamline
RedPrairie EISS Software
SAI Inside Innorad
Call S. History

Flash Intros:

TowerCapital TreasureHunters
Anne Gambina LivingIntelligent
Underwater Adventures MASK Solutions
CloverLake Apples of Gold
RaoulWallenberg NJ Freindware
Pacific American Risk Chinamerica
Jprisms SponsorPlex
AGH ThinkingCraft

Other Flash MultiMedia:
Banner Ads
flash components and elements
Spinning flash 3d Logos (view raster exports)
Static 3D logos as compressed .swfs
Event / Jumbotron Video Backdrops
Upper Navigation bars in flash
Personal Design Experimentation

Actionscript Qualifications:

Taught Advanced Actionscript courses at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Was a case study for web/ flash based visual design, and highlighted study in Exploring Motion Graphics. Expertise in developing creative GUI optimized for speed, flash interfaces, illustrator vectors, flash visuals, vector art, 3D vectors, and 3D animation with a specialty in compression for web. Experience with gifs vs pngs with considerations to condensing, portability, and manual subtraction of gamma channels for expert optimization.

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