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"Extremely qualified to handle any business development or merger situation. I highly recommend Danny Glix for his fine work and excellent customer relationship management"
Justine Williams, President



plans and covers.


TCP Stationary Design
Laurie Goodman Cover
Hungry Tickets Cover
Hungry Tickets Stationary
Maximus Stationary
Innovative Credit Stationary
Wallington Plumbing Cover
Album IP Cover
Hands Investments Stationary
Gateways Stationary
C-I-T Stationary Stationary
FP Youth Outcry Stationary
Jprisms Stationary
Apples of Gold Stationary
Official Skokie Stationary
Official Skokie Stationary 2
Dr Stanley Miller Stationary
Crosstown Stationary
Strike2Win cover
Strike2Win Stationary

Assorted Envelopes
Assorted Envelopes
Crosstown Stationary
Raoul Wallenberg Foundation Stationary
Innovex Folder Design
Innovex Folder Design2
Alleghany Plastic Surgery Stationary
Innovexx Stationary
Alleghany Folder Design
Alleghany Folder Design2
Gateways Online cover
Thyinking Craft Cover
MASK Solutions cover
Sense Marketing Stationary
Thinking Craft cover
Thinking Channel cover
Elf Circle Cover
Stardome Proposal
FP Media Works Proposal
FP Media Works Proposal
FP Media Works cover
BluntFactor Proposal
MASK Solutions TechPlan Cover
Rack Village Coversheet
Apples of Gold cover
Apples of Gold stationery
Elf Circle Business Plan Cover
Elf Circle Business Plan Interior
Transcion Business Plan
MASK Solutions Cover
Chalant Records Plan Cover
Chalant Business Plan Interior
BluntFactor Materials Cover
DGSG Business Plan Cover
Gateways weekend materials packet
Gateways weekend materials packet
Synergy Marketing Sales Cover
Mask Solutions cover
AUDI Volkswagon Cover
SenseMarketing Coversheet
MediLink Serviecs stationery
Branford Press cover
Newark NJ, Police Dept file redesign
Newark NJ, Police Dept file redesign
Gateways stationary
FP Media Works stationery
MediLink Serviecs stationery
  HealRX stationery
ATH Summer camp stationery   Hunter Inn stationery
Parkmay Business Plan Cover
Parkmay Business Plan Interior