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Words from our customers

"I needed a powerpoint template designed for my business, and Colorfury delivered a great product in very little time. I asked for a sleek and modern design that was in keeping with my brand's image -- and that's exactly what I got. They told me exactly what information I needed (logos etc.) and they quickly created something after I gave them those images. Colorfury was willing to work in the evenings to get my project done quickly. They bill by the hour but are very quick with their work relative to other providers I've used, so I got a really good product in a short amount of time. They were also very responsive to follow-up requests."
Jake Poses, Product Management

"Danny is at the forefront of graphic and Web design. Contact him for your next project or to add new life to your designs already on your Website."
Neal Elefant

"Danny has always been great whenever I have worked with him. He is incredibly creative and professional"
Benjamin Lowdon
Raw nerve

"Danny is a talented web designer who understood what I wanted right away and provided an excellent work. He is easy to work with and really attentive to his client needs."
Sabrina Bailly
Carol Leggett

"Danny is an excellent creative outlet for any design development work for any industry. His ample ability to 'feel' out a business & design a look and feel meeting that business's industries needs is outstanding. Danny's dedication is also unbelievable. I recall countless nights of him literally sleeping at his desk as he was lost in his world of creativity & genius from the day & night before. Any company looking for a brilliant young & vibrant designer to develop & roll out campaigns, advertisements, marketing materials, websites, letterheads, business cards; look no further. Glix is a master at his trade who sincerely loves what he does."
Michael Fishweicher
Microwize Technology

"Danny Glix is a truly talented designer. He has lots of creative ideas and knows what the client wants. I'm a perfectionist when I comes to my work and Danny didn't stop until all projects were perfect. To me, that is very important in choosing a designer to work with."
Kari Bornstein, Program Coordinator
Friendly Visiting

"Danny Glix is a superbly diverse and prolific designer, creator, and overall human being. His work has contributed greatly to collaborations with E2A and he gratiously extends his skills in support of our growing online and grassroots community. Danny's energy reflects the direction in which the progressive movement as a whole is headed. If you want cutting edge, Danny's who you seek!"
Dominic D'Alessio III, Proprietor

"Danny is a rare graphics designer who listens carefully before creating. He took the time to understand our needs, and quickly produced results that were better than we expected. Danny is an expert in his field. I receive prompt service and professional results every time I hire his firm. I give Danny Glix my highest recommendation. Hire him and you will not be disappointed."
David Schropfer, Managing Director
Waldron Holdings

"I have been using Danny as a designer for our school for the past year. I am amazed at his dedication and speed of creating dynamite pieces. He is always accessible day and night for his clients. He is also very honest, kind, friendly, and nice to deal with. I strongly recommend Danny Glix as a graphic designer. Sincerely"
Rabbi Peretz Sheinerman, Dean
Providence Hebrew Day School

"I have worked with Danny on several projects for one of the non-profit organizations I support. Danny devliers well designed high quality solutions in a timely and effective manner."
Bruce Bandler
Automatic Data Processing

"Danny is a top notch designer, with a great background experience. His works can easily be compared to the ones of a big agency, but working with Danny has a big plus - you get his full dedication and involvement. He is very versatile and can easily understand your needs. I highly recommend him!"
Mihai Dragomirescu, Visual Communications Manager

"Danny was a pleasure to work with. He prioritized our needs and was friendly, available, and didn’t tire of the many times we called because of changes that we wished to modify. The result was spectacular – we love the website and it helps us grow. I’d gladly recommend him to anyone considering a beautiful and well proportioned website that is both sophisticated, and gets the company message across."
David Saidoff, Founder
Kinder Kare

"Danny is a very creative, very driven new media artist. He has a great grasp of the latest techniques and technologies and terminology. We have collaborated on joint vector art projects with great results, and he has taken on and completed several projects requiring web animation using Flash... Danny is an accomplished Flash artist. Danny has an upbeat personality, lots of energy, completes his work on time, on budget, and works until the job is finished. Highly recommended."
Gregory May, Owner

"Danny is the best designer I know. I have worked with many companies yet the ease with which he works and quickly finishes a quality product can not be matched by anyone. He is very reliable in producing professional work even if you come 5 minutes before the deadline!He can finish your work in moments and still make it look very good. His work is always creative and professional. He is definitely the best designer I have ever worked with. Try him once and you will not want to use anyone else."
Surabhi Tomar
, President

"Dear Danny, We are delighted to announce that Exploring Motion Graphics is now in print! We especially want to thank you for your contribution to our book. Your work helps illuminate the value of sound design practice in creating engaging and communicative graphics.
We know how hectic your schedule is and appreciate your taking the time to share your experiences, design process and insights with our readers. Your interview is as inspiring as it is informative! We also thank you for the additional running around required to get appropriate clearances so that we could use samples of your work in the text. It paid off, because the work looks great!
We really enjoyed working with you and hope that you are as pleased with the final product as we are. Thank you again for making this such a positive and fruitful endeavor!"
Best, Rebecca Gallagher & Andrea Moore Paldy,
authors of: Exploring Motion Graphics

"The website looks wonderful. Far beyond our wildest dreams. I am indebted to you and Danny. A beautiful piece of work. Very creative, professional, attention to detail. You really listened and followed our needs while building, and polishing along the way. Danny's tech abilities' are amazing! I'm in awe as I click and move from page to page. He did a superb job at making our work come alive. I look forward to the positive responses from families and friends. I will be forwarding the responses to you."
Rivka Vann, Owner
Rising Stars

“Danny is a powerhouse! I consider myself lucky to have worked with Danny. He is truly a unique visionary beyond his years."
Maureen Parisi
IDT Corporation

"Danny brings out the best in the businesses he represents through visually and technically superior design. He also hordes nothing. When you work with Danny you get his ideas and his creativity, valuable resources you should know about, his network of other professionals like him, plus the assurance that he'll perform beyond your expectations. Danny is a rare and generous person who will give you more than you asked for."
Tyler West, Owner,
Glasshouse Consulting

"Danny is an expert designer; a true shapeshifter. There are enough "creative types" around these days but Danny's type are a rare, quality breed."
Ben Bland, Project Manager
Boomerang Media

“I've been working with Danny for years now in a number of capacities. First as my "outsourced design department" when I ran a back-end development firm and most recently as a designer for one of my latest ventures. Danny's ability to think outside of the box and observe design trends before they occur is uncanny - but yet, his ability to create designs that cater to the end user is what makes his work extraordinary.”
Wayne Mulligan
Tech Stock Insider

"We hired Danny to create a website for a NYC billiard parlor, and to create a graphic identity for the location (logo, business cards, etc.) -- I had enjoyed his work while I worked at IDT Corp., where Danny worked in the graphic arts group Now on his own, he did a great job, was very creative, met deadlines, and really gave us a professional product. I would highly recommend him and his work."
David Brainson, President
The Brainson Group

"Hello Danny, Keep up the great work that you do to enhance other business professionals. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future. Peace & Blessings, Mae"
Mae Ealey
Multicultural Writers Guild

"Danny has an outstanding eye for good graphic design. By being people oriented, he understands easily your needs. A great professional, I highly recommend Danny!" Herwig Kusatz, Owner
sound strategy

"Danny consistently delivers excellent value. He quickly grasps concepts and converts them into top-notch designs. Danny provides a great level of customer service, he is very reliable and always delivers on time."
Anke Mackenthun, Owner

"Danny is a graduate of our High Tec Incubator inNew Jersey and has been "THE" creative person everyone here has gone to for web design. He is extrememly well though of because he delivers, is easy to work with and very cost effective. Many of our client companies have partnered with Danny to develop very effective web solutions for their clients. I highly recommend Danny Glix."
Michel Bitritto, Director of innovation

"Danny Glix created an entire new look for my company that replaced the work done by an entire team from a larger competitor of his. Danny has no competition when it comes to creativity, ease of working with, speed, and his ability to weave meaning and value into all his creations. I will always use Danny for my firms branding, communications, and marketing needs."
David Buzzelli, Owner

"Danny has an incredible aptitude for going beyond traditional style and really pushes the limits with truly remarkable design. His work speaks for itself and it says Awesome! Kudos Danny^^"
Michael Notaro, Associate Director
The Horizon Group

"Working with merchants, providing consulting and payment processing, I often find companies that are adding an online presence to their Brick-and-Mortar operations. When they're looking for site design, I tell them "Go to Glix!" Danny isn't JUST an incredible artist and graphic designer, he and his team UNDERSTAND web technology and are always at the cutting edge. Danny doesn't disappoint."
Tim Seitz, Partner
SelectPay USA

"Danny and his team have a sharp eye for detail, which matches with his sharp looking work. We find his flash banners a fantastic tool for our campaigns, and look forward to working with him on various projects in the future."
Matt Field, Founder & CEO
Direct Response Interactive

"We have worked with Danny on a number of marketing collateral and web projects. He provides sharp, creative design work -- and has always delivered on time, and on budget. Danny Glix Graphic Design will continue to be an integral part of our partner network."
Kevin McLaughlin, Principal
Resound Marketing

"Danny is definitely an expert in what he does. He's come on board for some projects where I needed a designer and was quick, creative, and might I add, a perfectionist. I highly recommend Danny!"
Simone Kelly-Brown, Owner
Gots to have it

"My work with Danny Glix revolved primarily around a number of websites that had to be done on a tight schedule and within strict budget constraints. Danny delivered on both in a highly professional, timely manner, and I can recommend him for any website work, be it for SMBs or larger, corporate web presences (intra-/extranets, portals, teaser sites, etc.)."
Mark Slater, Web Publisher
AO Foundation

"FIVE-STAR GRAPHIC DESIGNER - Danny Glix is the BEST!!! He's a one stop shop offering BY FAR the “most bang for the buck.” I've worked with Danny on several occasions and have been enormously satisfied with his work. He’s intelligent, wonderfully creative and always a pleasure to work with. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES!!!"
Fred Hickson, Founder & CEO
New York Staff Exchange

"Special winter rates are available:
10% off all room rates. January 6th - March 31st.
4 night minimum stay required. Restrictions apply."
Assaf Kedem, Senior Writer
Citi Bank

"Danny has provided companies online, with some of the most outstanding design work imaginable, at a great cost, and fits with SEO needs to enable websites to be found in the upper results of the search engines."
Clint Dixon, Owner
Sem Advance

"Danny has worked for our company on several projects. Without hesitation I will hire Danny again. He's professional and very creative. In all Danny exceeds his ability to provide superior talent and service in his craft. Well done, Danny"
Harris Brown, President
HFB Advertising

"Danny is a great guy and a real talent. It was a pleasure working with him and I would look forward to it again. Danny has a great work ethic and is professional thru and thru!"
Michael Gottdank, VP Sales and Marketing

"Danny is a very skilled developer/designer whom always come up trumps, he churns out great designs and has a good understanding of user interface protocols. I have used Danny on numerous occasions and will continue to do so as I trust him with projects 100% and know that he will adhere to the specifications and deliver on time. Well worth looking up if you need web based system of any size / complexity."
Robbie Done

“In 1999 my company did a job for AT & T, and I was one of the people hiring Danny. He is a brilliant designer, and created an amazing design schema and aesthetic flavor for our project. Danny also performed miraculously under tight deadline, and is a truly ambitious champ. I have never stopped recommending this guy to people needing a rebranding or re-imaging. I can only give him my best recommendations!”
J. Abildgaard, Business Developer
Abildgaard Freelance

"Danny and his company do top-notch design and web work. You can trust his team to provide good customer service and a fantastic end-product. I think his wide breadth of experience was really beneficial to the success of the project."
Aaron Sagray, Owner/Creative Director

"Danny is a person who values integrity and he enjoys helping those that he networks with. He took the time to answer some of my quetions and has always been prompt with his responses."
Shaun Gaston, Contract Analyst
TXU Energy

"Danny is a really incredible designer who creates the perfect visual identity for companies online as well as in print."
David Elefant

"Danny is a detailed oriented individual extremely focused who understands business type specifications, empowers task forces to reach the best results and contribute to build image and excellence. His level of dedication goes always beyond anyone can expect. There is only enjoyment, discovery and the sense of achieving there for us to benefit from."
Andre Politzer, Owner

"Danny exemplifies the hardworking ethical approach that is so essential in business today. He constantly improves his approach and is known for getting the job done on time."
David Mckenna, Business Development Director

"Danny has a very committed approach to his clients as his abundant corporate design clients will attest. His range of work is more than impressive and ensures a complete package for every different client."
Emma Campbell, Photographer

" We worked together on a digital bodyremix for suicidegirls.com - Danny knows alot about visual compositing."
Matthias Fritz, Member
Strukt Visual Network

"Danny's graphic design talent and creative vision is amazing. He has a good feeling for shapes and colors, and he produces great design that works."
Andreas Koller, Graphic and Motion Designer
Sony DADC Austria AG

"If you want your website to really rock and roll...and be hip to the latest visual youth identity...Danny's the man to call."
Athol Foden, President
Brighter Naming

"Danny Glix and team provided creative and wonderful solutions to our marketing and graphics design requirements. Their solutions helped launch 3 new services by our company, provided a small business friendly environment, professional services and excellent ROI."
Vinit Bhansali, Founder and President

"Danny is a tech savvy designer/developer. His experience with managing project deadlines while working with teams of other engineers and designers has allowed him to produce consistently great work and develop relationships with his many satisfied clients. More so than his ability to handle a variety of projects, Danny always has his finger to the pusle of the industry and developing technologies. His knowledge of all things current within his industry builds a sense of confidence that when working with Danny - and knowning how quickly current technologies become antiquated - you will get the most current applications and programs everytime."
Shawn Webster, Creative Recruiter
Talent Zoo

"I've had the pleasure of working with Danny Glix over the past 6 years, and it's been a pleasant experience for the most part. Once you've established a working relationship with Danny, and he understands the needs of your business there's nothing he wont do for you or your organization if the time & resources are on his side. He's a great artist, & very professional with a personal touch.. Truely a pleasure to work with!!!"
Cory Wood, Owner

Danny understood our needs quickly, and captured them effectively - all within a short timeframe and for a fair price. He's honest, straightforward, and a pleasure to work with."
Ilana Zalika, Owner
Resound Marketing

"Our department needed a corporate website in a pinch. Danny was assigned to the job and blew our minds with an incredible job. He built a 127 pg website, with flash included and backend functionality in about 2 weeks. This guy is a pro!"
Amitai Levin, VP Human Resources
The Winter Group

“It was great working with you Danny. Your turnaround time was faster than what I expected. The quality of the postcard design was excellent. You exceed my expectation. Thank you for the great job. Keep up the excellent work. I will certainly use you again for any future projects.”
Hewart H Livingston
Spectra Technology Solutions

“Danny Glix is one the unique individuals in the new media industry who understands new technology not only from its creative visual aspect, its technological synergistic attributes but from the financial side of the equation as well.”
Salvatore Gaglio, Managing Director
Red 5 Ventures

"Danny built my company a truly gorgeous website. He and his team of coders and content writers knew exactly where to be and when. I've been a happy client of Danny and his company for many years and am happy to add a testimonial about his quality of service and final work result. If you are looking for a pro to handle your design, your website, logo etc, call Danny! He is the man."
Eli Ben Shoshan, Owner

"Danny, I appreciate the fact that you personalized my logo to my personality in a direction that I want the business to appear. I like your level of professionalism, I love the fact that you are honest, I like the quality of your work, I like the time you have taken and the patience you have exhibited with me even though I came unprepared. I would recommend you to any and everyone that I know, Absolutely."
Monique Bonnila, Executive Director
Apples of Gold Catering

"Danny turned my company’s image into a truly amazing thing. Our customers feel much more comfortable due to Danny’s work. Danny and his company competently handled everything: all my printing, web advertising, printed materials, website, business card. I am totally happy with his services!!!"
Elad Snir, Founder
Parker Locksmith & Security

"Danny! My Dude! My Lighter Shade Brotha!
FP MediaWorks. wants to thank you for all that you have done to keep us on point when it comes to our business. You have always been professional with your craft and superb in creation. One day soon, the world and the music entertainment field will recognize Danny Glix. FP MediaWorks will make sure of this!! We will forever be grateful for the dedication and participation you displayed in making us look as professional as possible. The work you have already done for us has people shaking their shaken people’s head in awe. I feel like we owe you! So continue to be the Danny I have grown to love as a friend and a Brotha! Peace and Blessings!"
Al-Tariq W. Best, Owner/CEO
FP MediaWorks

Danny Glix played a major role in launching EZ Ticket Sales and its ongoing success as a primary portal for bargain airfares, hotels & tours. Danny's creativity has always been a big plus for us to better communicate with our customers. Thanks Danny. We mean it. Thanks!"
Billie Akansu, President
EZ Ticket Sales

"If you are looking for cutting edge work that is guaranteed to make you look like a huge, reputable company, then you need Danny Glix Design. Danny designed a brilliant logo for YBE, and I was more than completely satisfied with his quality work"
Al-Tariq Shabazz, CEO
YBE Entertainment

"Danny Glix and his talented and reliable team added a tremendous amount to our marketing campaign and printed materials with their top shelf work. I am blown away by the futuristic and classy design Danny gave my company. The great work goes a long way. I heartily recommend Danny Glix to all my associates in need of solid work."
Mark Knobel, CEO & Founder
Thinking Craft

"Danny and me spoke frequently regarding the Arts & Media, Great Artist and very knowledgable. Danny is both a expert "Designer" and talented artist."
Shem Booth

"Thanks Danny for the awesome customer service and attention to detail. The website is coming along nicely and I truly feel it is going to rank as one of best out there. Keep up the great work. You have all of our faith and confidence and we'll definitely be working together in the future. Warm Regards"
Jason Schuman, President/Founder
Romancing Manhattan Tours

"Yo danny is the man. He did it up for our visual image. Danny is a pro, and I recommend him to any serious cats I know looking to get serious, and play the look. Danny is the guy."
Wes Nihilistic
Raza Blade Hand Grenade

"When Illuminated Path and its artists needed branding and website work we came to Danny Glix. Danny did his usual magic and made our materials a success. We reccomend Danny heartily to everyone we come across"
Ramji Soma, CEO
Illuminated Path

"Danny Glix is the most creative AND competent designer I have had the pleasure of working with!"
Garfield Smith, CEO & Founder
MASK Solutions

"Danny has produced some fantastic designs for inclusion in lip magazine. We look forward to seeing more work from this talented artist/designer."
Michelle Lovi, Managing Editor / Art Director
lip magazine

"Mr. Glix is a serious powerhouse in the design arena. There are very few people who can transform a vision into reality with such ease. Through the past 5 years, I have always turned to Danny for my projects and will continue to do so."
Dan Leubitz, CEO

"Danny Glix has designed several sites for me. His work is extremely high qaulity, as is Danny's incredible design team. Unlike other graphic design firms, Danny is always available to speak with a client 24/7. Hard to believe, but it's true. Check out www.ancienttreasurehunters.com for an example of the work he has done for me. You won't believe your eyes. Danny and his company, pulled us through a 72 hour deadline for a one hundred page website with almost 20 separate flash components. The guy is simply incredible! Thanks for a job well done Danny!"
Joshua Weiss, CEO
The Josh Weiss Corporation

"To Danny Glix and his staff, a note to express my sincere gratitude! Your work is unparalleled!"
Deborah Rodd, CEO & President
EMI Entertainment

"Extremely qualified to handle any business development or merger situation. I highly recommend Danny Glix for his fine work and excellent customer relationship management"
Justine Williams, President

"Danny Glix Corp. not only affected me personally by its umbrella, but the SunScan project has gone and signed an exclusive Business development arrangement from Japan to use Danny's services. That’s what I call class."
Meishi Business Development (Japan)

"Danny took my vision for a community and did an A+ job that exceeded my wildest expectations. I will reccomend Danny Glix to my associates"
Carmen Zohar, Editor
Written Mind

"Thanx to Danny and his creative brainstorming, Xpress Print & design was able to move out of the adolescent business phase and into real growth and profitability! I recommend Danny Glix to any business that needs that push in the right direction."
Steven Madar, V.P.
Soho Media Group, XPD

"Danny Glix rocked our company’s growth. We recently opened another shop, and thanks to Danny for making our vision a reality. Speaking personally, Danny's team is a true inspiration; well over 500 web projects - the results speak for themselves."
Rob Shanker, President
TDJ Advertising

"Danny Glix was no doubt one of the main contributors to the Resale Group's success as a growing business, his expertise in setting up a companies design is unparalleled"
Salvadore Cohen, Founder
Resale Group

"Danny Glix has been wonderful in designing and maintaining our website. Creative Director, Danny, is very creative, accommodating, fast and extremely knowledgable of all facets of web design and the internet. Highly recommended"
Chaim Shamir, CEO,

"First, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for all of your hard work on my new company’s project! I am very pleased with our relationship thus far and recommend your services to as many people as I can. Your staff is professional and work in a timely manner, leaving very little guesswork or concern to the client. I love my hot website as it moves toward completion. I greatly appreciate the ideas shared with me to help make my company’s site a winner. You truly make my company appear larger and better than it actually is. Creative and innovative describe your many talents.
I recall Danny Glix (web designer/artist) being both quick and seeming to know what I wanted before I could even put my words together! State of the art and great eye candy is what I crave when I visit a site, and I'm getting nothing short of that with mine. I'm a tough client and I expect the best for my buck! Danny made my dollar stretch as well as give me confidence to make my company a winner! I wish you and your team continued success as I plan to use your services for more exciting endeavors in the future! I look forward to many other projects together. Gratefully Yours"
Rap Starlette, Nurz Raps

Lisa Buksbaum, Founder
Soaring Words

Rabbi Pinchas Katzenstein