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"Danny Glix played a major role in launching EZ Ticket Sales and its ongoing success as a primary portal for bargain airfares, hotels & tours. Danny's creativity has always been a big plus for us to better communicate with our customers. Thanks Danny. We mean it. Thanks!"
Billie Akansu, President
EZ Ticket Sales



web design.
Recently launched websites, sorted by project size:

Sanderling Renal Services
UX, UI, Wordpress w various API integrations
UX, UI, wordpress multivendor marketplace
ArmIt Security
UX, UI, Frontend web dev, Opencart CMS theming
Home Spa Me
UX, UI, Content dev, wordpress customization, booking engine
Wordpress w bootstrap and jquery customization
UX, UI design, front-end. Javascript, Jquery, Laravel, Clojure
UX, GUI, front-end web / app development, bootstrap, responsive tags, LESS, SASS, JQuery, JavaScript
Providence School
Ux, GUI, html5, CSS, bootstrap, LESS, JS/JQuery, AJAX. Drupal CMS w community / intranet
Made in NJ Festival
Wordpress theme customization / frontend
Bridge the Gap
Wordpress theme customization / frontend
IA, GUI, xhtml css sliceup, DOM elements, xml driven flash components, jquery
Innovative Credit
GUI, Xhtml, CSS, organic SEO, DOM scripting (.JS, JQuery, AJAX)
Drupal 7
Socrates Academy
Wordpress backend with bootstrap UI
Friendly Visiting
Static xhtml website with js/jquery elements
Responsive bootstrap Front-end for codeigniter (php) application
Creator of All
Wordpress site with streaming video capability

Wordpress site with 5 blog engines and youtube api customization

Complex CSS/SHTML sliceup with integrated backend components
Drupal CMS with CUFON /SIFR site with cool jQ/ .js
/ CSS floats
Site GUI, updatable footer with scrollbars and CMS
Colonial House Inn
Site user interface, htm/css, light flash work
Living Intelligent
GUI XHTML Custom DOM Custom stacked .js and JQuery elements

Aside from the proper and gorgeous construction of your webpage, we specialize in designing graphical user interfaces that enhance your image and branded presence to customers.

A website is an essential business tool in today's day, a strong web presence is a must for any company! Similarly, awesome branding, a creative and targeted user experience, that loads quick and has a smooth UX flow are integral to the process. Cross-browser portability, search engine optimization concerns, and copywriting also play an important role in building an ideal website.

Here is a (update overdue) partial listing of clients we have developed web/graphics and brand strategy for, alphabetical:

$39 Glasses, 1 800 4 Justice, 1 800 Tow Truck, 2020 Music Group, 2027, 3ECS, ABC Merchant Services, Album IP, Amadia Athletic, Apple Agency, AT&T Expressweb, Artists Direct, Assassin Proof, AVWAY, Ball Brokerage, Bidz.com, Biopharm Consulting, BleuPrint, BluntFactor, Branford Press, Bris Group, BrixComm, Burger King, CallSheryl, Camp Xtreme, Center for Jewish Values, Chabbad, Cheaper.com, City of Roselle, NJ, Classic Lincoln, Classic Movers , Clever Bull, Cloudwell, CM Lists, Cross Country Van Lines, CTE MICRO, DaisyCast, DigitZero, DGSG, DiamondFacet, Digital Freedom Network, DJ Denny Tsettos, Dot Biz, Downtown West Orange Alliance, Dowry Corporation, Dusty Dave, East Orange Chamber of Commerce, EgoMedia, Eric and Luck, eTravelProtals, EVCinc, EZ Ticket Sales, EZ World Phone, Exit152, Florida School of Computers, FP Media Works, Frank Gonzolez, Forward Tel, Galileo NYC, Gateways, Get 2 Sleep, Genie, Gift Of Vision, GlixProducts & Manufacturing, Global Soul Media, Gloryland Promotions, HairRadio, Healinc, HealRX, His Praises, Hot Diggity Dog Carts, Hudson County OMWBE, IDT Wireless, If-I, IllPath Entertainment, Im4Israel, Imperial Suite Studio, IndiPak, Innroad, InTouchMedia, Jemismakeup, Jewish Freedom, Josh Speigel, Kikko, Kolsat, Les Branches, Line Haulers, Mac Truck, Mask Solutions, Maxell, McHugh Software, Medi Link, Memsen, Metzuyan, Moving Source, MSIDG, New York Chamber of Commerce, New Jersey Police Dept, NextStudios, NextMedia, NextStar Communications, Nice Matin, NJFriendware, Notorious Marketing, Nurz Rap, NVZHN, NY iChamber Commerce, Only Simchas, Parker Security, Parkmay Inc, PC TECH, Pipt & Hocaps, PixWave, Plaza School of Technology, Power Movers, Prescription Entertainment, RabbiShmuel, Race-West, RackVillage, Ramada Suites, RedPrairie, Regal Rental, Resale Group, Revlon, Romancing Manhattan Tours, Roxy Sattelite, Saturn Systems, Sense Marketing, Slim Tone USA, Soft Train USA, Soho Media Group, Specialist Metal & Glass, Strategica, Strategix, StockToolPro, SunScan Project, Synergy Marketing, Synergy411.com, TalkAmerica, TCP Protocol, TC Path, TeamGenesis, Team Walker, Technology Observer, The Aleph Institute, The Doctors Network, The Hair Show, The Learning Channel, The Yatzkan Center, ThinkingCraft, TNT Custom Guitars, Tops Diner, Township of West Orange, Transcion, Traveler SOS, Turkish Portal, TV.TV, Ulisses Jr, Uncle Sal Foundation, US Box Co., ViPN, WBGO 88.3fm, Webony, Wireless Waste, Written Mind, Xpress Design, Xola Unlimited, Yves Michele